Distance Learning Photo a Day

In Sunshine Class we don’t let school closure stop learning.

We have a class competition for photo of the day ... catch up here to see the amazing work we continue to do.

Day 1

After watching the video Mrs Taylor asked us to on the Persian New Year Festival of Norouz W made a Haft-seen table of his own at home!

Day 2

PE this week is about balancing. Look at A balancing here. Can you do this? How far can you count, starting at 1, before you can’t hold the balance any longer?

Day 3

E showing us that being outside is great for exercise but also for our mental health. Look at that happy face!

Day 4

F was busy helping to create a veggie bed to grow his own vegetables with his family today. Mrs Mellin would be proud.

Day 5

A is learning about the importance of keeping clean as part of our Jigsaw PSHCE programme. As well as keeping ourselves clean for our health ( more important than ever at the moment), the children are also thinking about why we need to keep our houses, clothes and belongings clean.

Day 6

F was quick off the mark with this week’s Wow Word Wednesday Word. He sent in this great photo for ‘transparent’. What transparent things did you find at home?

Day 7

This week Sunshine Class have been partitioning 9 into equal groups and thinking about equal groups in general. Here is I with her own odd one out challenges using the dominoes, partitioning into equal groups and having fun subitising dominoes to play the traditional games. Great work!

Day 8

Today we played the game 10 interesting things. This game is great to support counting, subitising and also for key maths and science vocabulary. Here is L with his 10 interesting things. As well as counting them, putting them into equal groups and into a tens frame, he also compared two of them at a time, looking for similarities and differences. Have a look at his 10 things ... can you subitise any of the objects to count?

Day 9

A is busy role playing her bus journey as part of our Quality Text work on The Naughty Bus. This week our writing task is to create a bus ticket but not before we’ve been on a pretend bus journey of our own!

Day 10

M has been working so hard on his Read Write Inc online lessons. Look at these lovely pages of writing and letter practise. Well done, keep up the good work. Daily sessions will really pay off and keep you progressing.

Day 11

G has been getting creative in the kitchen today making yummy cakes and biscuits with her family. It’s important that you are all doing activities that bring you joy in these days of isolation. Well done G and we can’t wait to be back in Sunshine Class making cake plans and smelling the delicious smell of freshly baked cakes wafting through our classroom.

Day 12

S having a go at the ‘First to 20’ game that I demonstrated on Classdojo yesterday. I just love that a simple game can be so much fun whilst developing so many maths skills. S wasn’t the only one in Sunshine Class who tried it today but everyone who did seemed to enjoy it.

Day 13

This week our Wow Word Wednesday Word was ‘hollow’. I found this fabulous hollow tree trunk but can you spot him?

Day 14

This week our philanthropy project is to send a card or write a thank you to a key worker who is helping to keep things moving along in this difficult time. E wrote to her postman, Ady, to thank him. What a fabulous picture she’s drawn. He’s going to love it and we are all very proud of her in Sunshine Class.

Day 15

J and his big brother made glitter mood jars together this afternoon. Don’t they look fab! J’s is a Batman one. Why don’t you have a go at one too!

Day 16

We have all been busy sending secret messages to Mrs Taylor and her pet sloth Cyril. Now the messaging is spreading... P wrote this secret message and hid it in the dolls house for her little brother to find! #secret messaging #bringingthejoytowriting

Day 17

H was busy combining two of the suggested activities for this week. First a repeating ABB pattern and then he put this week’s wow word into action by ‘demolishing’!

Day 18

R & T’s parents are key workers & today whilst at school they made a repeating pattern with the space hoppers that they had used for exercise!

Day 19

M is investigating the effect of temperature on water in a fabulously creative way. She’s making frozen flower eggs. We can’t wait to see how they turn out

Day 20

B made this fabulous boat as part of the water topic. She took it with her on her daily exercise to test on a little stream. Guess what? It floats!

Day 21

M used pasta to investigate ways to partition 10. He also used it to create the bar models and cherry models to show it! I love that it is so visual and also that M could manipulate objects rather than just writing numbers. Well done M!

Day 22

H was learning about planting and the life cycle of a plant as part of the water topic. Here she is planting bulbs.

Day 23

I with her offering for this week’s wow word: Shelter

Day 24

F incorporating ‘o’clock’ into his daily stem sentence session for the number 4.

Day 25

F sharing one of her favourite family games. Playing games as a family is a great way to teach things adults take for granted such as turn taking and being a gracious losers ( although not all adults have that one mastered ;-)). Coupled with counting, memory, speaking, listening and fine motor skills games really do have all bases covered. A great lockdown wind down activity!

Day 26

M took Cyril the Sloth’s maths challenge outside today and made a huge cherry model to solve how many ways to partition 6. Sunshine Class have really embraced their maths at home. Well done!

Day 27

I showing us this week’s Wow Word Wednesday word which is submerge!

Day 28

W made a lava lamp as part of his investigations with water. We think it looks awesome!

Day 29

P made her own tune using water! As part of the music theme she experimented with sounds using different glasses containing different volumes of water.

Day 30

Cyril the Sloth has been acting suspiciously and Mrs Taylor wanted know if the children knew what was going on. The children wrote secret messages to her to explain what they knew! Here is J’s

Day 31

This week our Wow Word Wednesday word is ‘dozen’

The children have been looking for their own dozen items. M found a dozen engines!

Day 32

E and her Dad made this fabulous water rocket as part of the water topic. Look out for a video clip of this in this week’s video.

Day 33

A loved watching the video this morning about the BitBots arriving in Mrs Taylor’s garden in their spaceship and was the first to send in this fabulous drawing of what she thought they might look like. She also made her own passcode. Do you know which number is missing in this passcode?

Day 34

This week we are going over numbers 11-20. A enjoyed practising his number recognition using some recycled numbered bottles and something to throw at them! Reception children learn best through play and this looks like a fantastic activity.

Day 35

E experimenting with water and salt to make her egg float! Do you know why adding salt makes the egg float?

Day 36

Each week in school we have an Odd One Out Challenge in Maths. We have continued this remotely and it has been great to continue to hear the children’s verbal reasoning. It has also helped parents to understand the importance of the process over answer. Here is M working out the challenge from this week.

Day 37

R & T have been in school in the Key Worker group. Today they were learning about our Wow Word. Make sure you watch the video for some more camouflage pictures.

Day 38

F enjoying the Race to 20 game with his Nanny today and winning too. It was lovely to see so many of you enjoying this game today. So many maths skills here, number recognition, subitising, using a number track and adding to name a few!

Day 39

W kicked of the new topic by researching how chocolate is made! Yummy! I’m off to research how it is eaten

Day 40

A collage today to mark the day when the Poggle and The BitBots and Cyril left the confines of Adventure Island at my house and headed to yours and to school. In case you are worried that 80 days in my house has sent me a little crazy let me explain.

I am the Well-being Champion at WCPS and the Adult and Youth Mental Health First Aider. I am passionate about us finding ways to cope with the demands of daily life and the inevitable highs and lows.

The Poggle and The BitBots are designed to connect us whilst we are still apart. They can take us into a world of make believe and play and open up a world of imagination ( all pre cursors for so much of the KS1 curriculum that is coming up in the next couple of years and for happiness).

The Poggle can be sent to someone you miss or someone that needs an extra comfort by tapping your feet three times, telling him who to visit and sending him on his way. You can send to a friend or relative that the children miss, you can tell your child that you will send the Poggle to check on them at school etc.

Who knows it may be near your house and you might arrange for the symbol to be left for a friend to find! Anyway I hope it’s a little clearer and if you still are left wondering then don’t worry you may just be a little bit grown up

Day 41

L enjoys his daily adventures outside and today he found Eeyore’s house!