Mystery Readers in Reception

Mystery Readers in Reception

Anyone can be a mystery reader. The children get so excited when they know that a mystery reader is coming.

March 2020: Our first week back after half term and we had two Mystery Readers! Thanks so much to J's mummy and F's daddy for sharing stories this week.

Feb 2020: Our final week of term 3 brought us 3 mystery readers! It was wonderful to welcome 3 Sunshine Mummies. We can't wait to see who we have surprising us in Term 4! Huge thanks to all of our mystery readers to date.

Feb 2020: This week we have had lots of mystery readers. L's Nanny enjoyed reading to a group from Sunshine Class

Feb 2020: Carrie ( a mummy and owner of Pre School) came to be our Mystery Reader today. It was lovely for her to read to some of her ex pupils!

Jan 2020: E's dad was our mystery reader this week. We love hearing your favourite stories from home.

Jan 2020: Our first Mystery Reader of 2020 was Jane from Broadhill. Her ex pupils were thrilled to see her and loved he stories.

Nov 2019: Alex's grandma was our mystery reader this week

Nov 2019: Sam came as our mystery reader this week. Sam is parent to a Sunshine class member and also a member of the Friends of WCPS. Who will be next?

Nov 2019: Isaac's mummy was our mystery reader ... We love all of these surprise story tellers. Who will be next ?

Nov 2019: This week we had two mystery readers. Freddie's grandma read stories and taught the children a rhyme!

Oct 2019: Auntie Clair came to surprise one of Sunshine Class as our final mystery reader of the week.

Oct 2019: The twins' mum came in as a mystery reader last week

Oct 2019: We ended the week with Joanne (Joshua's mummy) on Friday afternoon.

Oct 2019: Our very own Mrs Jones from the office was our mystery reader ...we loved having her visiting us.

Sept 2019: How exciting it was to welcome back past Reception pupils , both eager to be Mystery Readers! Both girls have brothers in the current Sunshine Class and couldn't wait to surprise them as a Mystery Reader.

This is also a proud moment for me, as their previous teacher, as both girls are still near the start of their school careers, one in Year 2 and the other in Year 1!

Our 5th reader was Sarah, one of our Sunshine mums.

We are so excited to have so many volunteers...

Sept 2019: Eleanor's Grandma thoroughly enjoyed being our second mystery reader. She was visiting from a completely different city and commented on how special it was to be able to be a Sunshine Class Mystery Reader.

Sept 2019: This week Sunshine Class welcomed our very first Mystery Reader. Ivy's mum read a couple of stories to a group of very excited children. Who will be next?