WCPS Philanthropy Cereal Run

On Tuesday 30th March a Domino run out of 200 cereal boxes was created as part of the school philanthropy project.

Coming back after lockdown an event was needed to bring everyone back together. Philanthropy is to increase the feeling of well being within ourselves . By giving something back to the local community raises peoples levels of well being.

This was certainly seen yesterday, the children were so excited and enthusiastic before hand as they came in to school and saw all the cereal boxes piled up. The level of noise during the run was incredible and they were all clapping and whooping at the end.

There really was an amazing feeling of coming together and knowing the the cereal boxes are then going to the food bank to be given out in our community made it even more meaningful.

Thank you to every one of you that donated cereal boxes and thank you to Waitrose in Witney for their donation too.

Social distancing guidelines were adhered to at all times with children in their class bubbles. The event lasted no longer than 5 minutes and the children then went outside for break time.

Setting up the cereal boxes before the big start. To stop a false start we left every 10th box out until the start.

The children then lined the corridor either side of the line of 200 cereal boxes waiting for GO!