Year 1 Distance Learning Achievements

In Year 1 we don’t let school closure stop learning.

Catch up here to see the amazing work we continue to do.

Whilst he was at home and working on the school topic of chocolate, J found out lots of information on Fairtrade and watched many of their videos. He decided to draw a card and his mum sent it to Fairtrade and got this message back

"Thank you J for designing a "Thank You" card for farmers and workers. Your message will be included in a digital pack of cards that will be sent to Fairtrade organisations worldwide".

20th April

A made a pirate ship with his Dad and blew hard to make it move!

21st April

Year 1 have been looking at the work of natural artist Andy Goldsworthy and C made this fantastic face.

22nd April

A used conkers and nuts to help her share out equally for maths work.

23rd April

J made another lovely natural art design

24th April

A doing his Joe Wicks workout as a ninja!

27th April

For Free Writing Friday, B decided to write some messages on his flag for the NHS. What a brilliant idea!

28th April

D worked very hard to make her beautiful water lily for our school water topic.

29th April

In his quiet time A completed this jigsaw independently.

30th April

Year 1 have been working on halves and quarters recently in maths. K cut up an apple in 4 equal parts to help with quarters.

1st May

During a quiet time session M made this beautiful card for her Grandad. It is based on a painting by Monet.

4th May

During an active time S went for a walk to Deer Park Woods with his family and had a lovely time.

5th May

R has been doing some lovely rainbow art.

6th May

To link in with our school topic on water D made his own beach scene.

7th May

While he has been at home Z has enjoyed doing lots of science activities. Here he is with his Skittles and carrot top experiments.

11th May

R made an origami fish mobile to link in with our water topic.

12th May

To link in with our water topic E built a model of a catamaran.

13th May

Georgie made this model herself by reading the instructions.

14th May

E has been practising lots of number skills on Hit the Button

15th May

F made a mood jar using sand. A great idea!

18th May

H W made a colourful natural art picture.

19th May

K has been trying hard with his writing

20th May

P has been busy making bird feeders.

21st May

A also enjoyed making some bird feeders.

22nd May

A has been working hard and practising his writing.

3rd June

A has been working hard on her writing

4th June

H has been very busy finding treasure items for a pixie fact file

A's Mayan hot chocolate

A's chocolate microwave cake

D's making chocolate brownies

K's chocolate krispie shapes

J melting different types of chocolate