Pastoral Care and Discipline

The good behaviour of a pupil is seen as part of the total education of the pupil. The staff and governors believe that the establishment of good behaviour is a shared responsibility between parents and teachers.

Principles we strongly encourage are:

- positive attitudes to school work and the wider community - good relationships with peers and adults - respect for persons and property - opportunities for exercising responsibility.

Praise and reward for good attitudes help to create a positive atmosphere where pupils have the opportunity to succeed.

Pupils are involved in developing a respect for our school. The school council meet with teachers on a monthly basis. In this relaxed atmosphere representatives put forward ideas from their class, discuss and evaluate these and decide on action to be taken.

Once a week a special Assembly takes place where pupils are complimented on their achievements - curricular, sporting, creative or social - and certificates are presented.

Administering Medicines/Illness at School

Whilst regular attendance at school is essential, parents should take care not to send sick pupils to school who then need to be sent home during the first few minutes of the day. Minor ailments and accidents will be dealt with at school. If your child becomes unwell or needs medical attention, you will be contacted and asked to collect him/her. It is therefore essential that we have an emergency contact number. Please ensure that you telephone the school and inform us of any absences due to illness (see absences).

Administration of Medication.pdf

Lunchtimes and Snacks

Hot lunches are cooked on site and served in the school canteen. The menu for the coming week is always displayed on the newsletter so that children can see the choices. The current cost is £2.30. This should be paid on the first school day of the week in an envelope with the name of the child and the class teacher on the front. Fruit juice is on sale to all children at lunchtime - current cost is 30p. All children eat their lunch in the canteen regardless as to whether they are school diners or packed lunch.