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Year 1

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Our Teacher is Mrs White

Our Associate (SCITT) teacher is Mrs Johns

Our Teaching Partner is Miss Jarrusso

Welcome to Year 1!  

In Year one we:

We listen the first time

We are ready to learn

We show our school values

We celebrate each other

In year one we learn through continuous provision and explore the curriculum creatively. This ensures a calm and successful transition into year 1 from reception. Please keep up to date with our learning journey on our social media pages and weekly newsletters.

Weekly News

Termly News

Class Routines

  • Weekly news will be sent out via parent mail every Friday.
  • Homework will be sent via parent mail and must be completed by the following Friday
  • PE days are Tuesday with Mrs White and Friday with Mr Andrews
  • Please encourage your child to read at least three times per week- they will receive a hole punch in their bookmark, which over time leads to a reward.

Growth Mindset


Growth mindset is about having a positive attitude and supports being a successful learner.

Showing a growth mindset helps us face challenges, overcome failure and
be resilient. At WCP we celebrate mistakes in all subjects as we know that that can be the first attempt in learning. We discuss how our
learning behaviours contribute to be successful in school and relate this to
future ambitions. Each term we focus on a particular learning behaviour
that is linked to growth mindset and certificates are awarded to children who show these learning behaviours in school.

Autumn 1 - Hardworking

Autumn 2 - Reflective

Spring 1 - Persevering

Spring 2 - Up for a challenge

Summer 1 - Understanding of Others

Summer 2 - Curious

How can I help my child

Check here for ways to support your child

Useful Website

Check here for useful Websites

Recommended Reads

Year 1 Super Six Poetry Basket

Year 1  SUPER SIX Poetry Basket

Year 1 Super Six

Year 1 Super Six

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