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At WCPS, we support our children to develop their curiosity for the world around them. We encourage our children to ask questions, carry out scientific investigations and explore their own environment. We spend time learning about real life scientists and their current roles to inspire our children to engage with science in their future lives. Our curriculum is planned to ensure that our children learn the knowledge and skills in the National Curriculum with an emphasis on working scientifically. Our lessons are carefully planned to suit the needs of all the children in our care.


Year Ones playing the Year Sixes Wire Loop Game


Year 4 Electricity

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Science Week 2023

Science week started off with a bang as Dan demonstrated how clouds are formed. He then went on to explain the different types of lightning with slow-motion clips. Dan specialises in the field of aeroplanes and lightning and how to protect planes in a lightning strike. Dan also spent time with Year 3 and Year 6, setting the children the challenge of reflecting light through a maze using mirrors so that the gem would be hit by the light in the centre of the maze.

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IMG 0136

Nik, who works for Audley Travel visited the year sixes to talk about his experience in The Galapagos Islands. The year sixes have been studying Evolution and have mapped and researched the travels and findings of Charles Darwin. Nik's presentation brought the Galapagos Islands to life and it gave the children a chance to understand and picture what Charles Darwin saw on his first visit. 

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Exciting Experiments

Year 6 - Heart Dissection

The year six science topic this term is The Circulatory System and this week we have focused on The Heart.

In preparation for our visit to Wood Green, we explored the function of the different parts of the heart and anchored our knowledge by making clay sculptures of the organ.

On Thursday, we joined Mrs Palmer at Wood Green for a dissection of the heart lesson - what a great experience!

We were very impressed with the children’s mature attitude and how well they carried out this new skill of dissection. 

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