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Pastoral Care

The good behaviour of a pupil is seen as part of the total education of the pupil. The staff and governors believe that the establishment of good behaviour is a shared responsibility between parents and teachers.

Principles we strongly encourage are:

  • positive attitudes to school work and the wider community
  • good relationships with peers and adults
  • respect for persons and property
  • opportunities for exercising responsibility.

Praise and reward for good attitudes help to create a positive atmosphere where pupils have the opportunity to succeed.

Pupils are involved in developing a respect for our school. The school council meet with teachers on a monthly basis. In this relaxed atmosphere representatives put forward ideas from their class, discuss and evaluate these and decide on action to be taken.

Once a week a special Assembly takes place where pupils are complimented on their achievements - curricular, sporting, creative or social - and certificates are presented.

Home School Link Worker

HBM Heidi Bridges-Martin

Hello, my name is Heidi Bridges-Martin and I am the Home School Link Worker at
Witney Community Primary School. During term time I work in partnership with parents/carers, schools and other agencies to support families, aiming to reduce current stressful situations and prevent future difficulties.


Emotional Wellbeing Coach

Sam gcf Sam Goodchild-Fry

I have the pleasure of working with young people (and adults!) to understand and work with their emotions, and importantly to listen to what they are trying to tell us. I help them find their own solutions to whatever challenges they may be facing, including anxiety, anger and low self esteem using a strengths-based approach.

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