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Pastoral Care


We believe that a child needs to feel safe and happy before they are ready to learn, therefore, just as safeguarding is the responsibility of everyone who works in school, so is the happiness and wellbeing of our children.

Some children require long term support to achieve this and others may require short term help. We all need help at some point. We employ two trained mental health first aiders, a Home School Link Worker and are currently working with Sam Goodchild – Fry, an emotional wellbeing coach. Good communication is an essential part of effective pastoral care and we strongly encourage you to share any information that might be affecting the wellbeing of your child.

Our vision of Caring, Learning and Succeeding Together is as much about happiness and wellbeing as it is about academic progress and we encourage all the children to understand and embrace the values of philanthropy, creativity, respect, love, friendship and resilience. We want to be successful but we also want to be happy and to care for ourselves and others.

Children play a key role in developing our school. The school council meets with teachers on a regular basis and, in a relaxed atmosphere, put forward ideas from their classmates, discuss and evaluate these and decide on action to be taken.

Our Friday assembly is a time to celebrate achievements, progress and values. Children and adults nominate the recipients of our special certificates.


Home School Link Worker

HBM Heidi Bridges-Martin

Hello, my name is Heidi Bridges-Martin and I am the Home School Link Worker at
Witney Community Primary School. During term time I work in partnership with parents/carers, schools and other agencies to support families, aiming to reduce current stressful situations and prevent future difficulties.


Emotional Wellbeing Coach

Sam gcf Sam Goodchild-Fry

I have the pleasure of working with young people (and adults!) to understand and work with their emotions, and importantly to listen to what they are trying to tell us. I help them find their own solutions to whatever challenges they may be facing, including anxiety, anger and low self esteem using a strengths-based approach.



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