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At WCP phonics is taught using the Read Write Inc. scheme, ensuring systematic coverage and progression. Read Write Inc  is taught in small groups focusing on children's recognition of the letter sounds and how to read and write these.

In Reception children make a strong start to phonics through whole class teaching led by the class teacher/Reading Leader. As Autumn term progresses children are taught in small groups led by the class teacher or trained teaching partner. 

Key Stage 1 children are also taught in smaller groups, led either by the class teacher or by trained teacher partners. The children are assessed every half term to ensure that they are in the appropriate group for supporting and extending their individual needs. 

Any child struggling with phonics is identified quickly and additional targeted support is provided. 

Year 1 children take part in statutory Phonics Screening during the summer term, and parents are informed of their child's achievement at the end of the school year. Read Write Inc. continues to form the basis for the teaching of spelling from Year 2 upwards.

Support for Parents

What is Read Write Inc Phonics

Why read to your child?

How to say sounds

Reading the stretchy sounds with your child

Reading the bouncy sounds with your child

Sound blending and access in phonics

We believe that reading opens the door to learning and therefore it is vital that we as educators do everything we possibly can to ensure that EVERY child will learn to read. We are determined to teach every single child to read, regardless of their background, need or abilities. SEN pupils are involved in the RWI lessons, as all pupils work in ability groups and teaching is geared to the speed of progress of each group.

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