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At WCPS we teach PE through real PE, alongside teaching skills related to specific team  sports.. Real PE, is first and foremost, a philosophy and approach which includes, challenges and supports EVERY child. It is a unique child centred approach that develops the key abilities children need to be successful in PE. Real PE is based around six fundamental skills that children need to develop their physical activity, as well as their well being.

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Page Downloads Date  
Whole school Progression of Knowledge Skills 16th Oct 2022 Download
3 Is statement PE 21st Oct 2022 Download
P.E. extra across the school 21st Oct 2022 Download
WCPS Real PE Coverage 24th Nov 2022 Download
Real PE Statement of Progression 10th Nov 2022 Download
WCPS progression of skills 17th Nov 2022 Download
WCPS Skills progression breakdown 21st Nov 2022 Download
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