Witney Community Primary School
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Staff List


Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher Mr Mark Peacey 
Deputy Headteacher Mrs Sam Hudson-Shaw First Aid Small

KS2 Lead/Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Lindsay Croston First Aid Small

EYFS Lead & Senior Mental Health Lead Mrs Emily Taylor First Aid Small
KS1 Lead Miss Charlotte Stringfellow  First Aid Small

Teaching Staff

Year 6 Mrs Becks Hanson 
Year 5  Mr Dan Rodd  First Aid Small
Year 4  Mrs Lindsay Croston  / Mrs Sam Hudson-Shaw   
Year 3

Mrs Rachel Clarke First Aid Small

Mrs Rachel Webster  First Aid Small

Year 2 Miss Charlotte Stringfellow / Mrs Gemma Challender 
Year 1 Mrs Hannah White First Aid Small
Reception Mrs Emily Taylor First Aid Small
Nursery Manager Miss Donna McGowan First Aid Small

 Subject Specialist Staff

Music Teacher Mrs Rachel Webster
PE Teacher Mr John Andrews and Mr Alex Weaving

Inclusion Team

Home School Link Worker Mrs Heidi Bridges-Martin First Aid Small
SENCo Miss Charlotte Stringfellow First Aid Small
Inclusion Assistant Mrs Debbie Rogerson First Aid Small 
Senior Mental Health Lead Mrs Emily Taylor 

Teaching Partners

Associate teacher in training  
Teaching Partners

Mrs Shirley Bowles First Aid Small

 Mrs Jo Ellis First Aid Small 

Miss Angie Eustice First Aid Small

Mrs Clare Grealis First Aid Small

Mrs Ali Hageman First Aid Small

Mrs Amy Hermon First Aid Small

Miss Chloe Jarrusso First Aid Small

Mrs Helen Mellin First Aid Small

Mrs Debbie Moss First Aid Small

Mrs Carol Somerset First Aid Small

Mrs Michelle Skuze 

Nursery Team

Mrs Ridgway First Aid Small

Mrs Sam Connick First Aid Small

Miss Amy Bull First Aid Small

Mrs Melizza Hambidge First Aid Small

Office Staff

School Business Manager

Mrs Laura Hoskin First Aid Small

Office Manager Mrs Rachel Jones First Aid Small
Office Administrator Mrs Gemma Turner First Aid Small
Office Admin Apprentice Mrs Charlotte Hamblin First Aid Small


Caretaker Mr Darren Ridgway First Aid Small
Cleaners Mr Alan Vizor, Miss Angie Eustice, Mr Connor Ridgway
Catering Staff Mrs Sharon Woodley, Mrs Kim Rowles, Mrs Sarah Locke
Lunchtime Supervisors

Miss Amy Bull First Aid Small

Mrs Katherine Hagan First Aid Small

Mrs KirstyTurnbull First Aid Small

Mrs Julie Vizor First Aid Small

Mrs Charlotte Hamblin First Aid Small

Mrs Sherria Hind 

Mrs Georgina Tristram 

Breakfast Club Assistants Mrs Shirley Bowles, Mrs Jo Ellis, Mrs Charlotte Hamblin
After School Club Assistants Mrs Jo Ellis, Mrs Ali Hageman, Miss Chloe Jarrusso, Mrs Julie Vizor, Mrs Kirsty Turnbull


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