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Religious Education at Witney Community Primary School follows an enquiry-based approach using the scheme ‘Discovery RE.’ It provides a way of widening our children’s knowledge of the world through the wonderment of religion and beliefs. Each ‘Discovery RE’ unit begins with a ‘Big Question’ encouraging reflection and open-mindedness.


The key aims are to: 

  1. Learn about religion and belief

  2. Learn from religion and belief


Throughout their time at WCPS, children will study aspects of the major world faiths; Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism and Sikhism. These are explored alongside the children’s own beliefs, values and experiences. There is an emphasis on learning about religion but also learning from religion. Themes such as celebrations, special people, traditions, important places and our human values ensure the children are engaged with a topic that is relevant and exciting as well as building up their own personal values and linking to our school values. We want our children to show respect, tolerance and understanding for the beliefs of others. This is promoted by allowing children to respond positively and with an enhanced vocabulary, to challenges they may face. Critical thinking skills allow them to relate the experience of others to themselves, develop curiosity, ask questions and develop an empathy and understanding of others that will take them through their future education and lives beyond the classroom. Lessons follow a 4-step enquiry approach. 


Experiences and enrichment opportunities at WCP

  • handling artefacts

  • exploring sacred texts

  • responding to images, games, stories, art, music and dance

  • meeting visitors from local religious communities

  • making visits to religious places of worship where possible, and where not, making use of videos and the internet

  • taking part in whole school events- (multi-faith days, Harvest Festival, school performances)

  • participating in moments of quiet reflection

  • debating and communicating religious belief, worldviews and philosophical ideas and answering and asking ultimate questions posed by these

RE Steps


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